Cycling in Hessen

Cycling in Hessen

The many cycle routes make it easy to explore Hessen on two wheels. At a total length of over 3,300 kilometres, the network of long-distance cycle routes in Hessen connects idyllic river valleys with the untouched hills of the Rhön, Odenwald, Vogelsberg and Taunus. Nine long-distance cycle routes, as well as the Hessian sections of the Eder, Lahn Valley, Rhine, Main and Werra Valley cycle routes and many regional routes lead from north to south and from west to east. They are just as good for families and nature lovers to enjoy as for amateur athletes and those looking for a more active holiday. 

Radroutenplaner Hessen

The Radroutenplaner (cycling route planner) Hessen is an online route planner especially for cyclists! Plan your route conveniently in advance, have a look at the cyclist-friendly accommodation options and calculate the total kilometres and height profile of your route! Your holiday starts with planning at home. On this page, you will find brief information about the bicycle routes in Hessen. Each route is described under "More info". The route is displayed in a corresponding map section in a highlighted mode when you click on "To map". Try out the route planner for yourself:

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