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Culture, wine and the great outdoors – welcome to the cultural region of the Rheingau.


From Flörsheim am Main, via Hessen’s capital Wiesbaden, Eltville and Rüdesheim to Lorch am Rhein, this small area offers its guests the greatest a region can provide in terms of culture, wine, nature and sights. And the Rheingau’s residents welcome every visitor with their typical warm hospitality and joie de vivre. An unusually mild microclimate, aided by the protection of the Taunus hills, makes the Rheingau comparable with a mini “Burgundy” on the Rhine. 


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The Rheingau is home to the famous Rheingau Riesling wines. Over 80% of the 3,200 ha of vineyards are planted with the queen of grapes, Riesling, although outstanding pinot noir also grows in the sunlight reflected from the Rhine. The region, where the river that gives the region its name is almost a kilometre wide, has been home to aristocrats and clerics for a thousand years, producing one of Germany’s most significant collections of monuments, including the Cistercian Eberbach Abbey, Benedictine Abbey of St. Hildegard (Eibingen Abbey), Eltville’s electoral castle and the castles of Johannisberg and Vollrads.

The cultural country of the Rheingau allows you to enjoy indulgent day trips and celebrations in extraordinary locations. Since 2002, the Rheingau and the towns of Rüdesheim am Rhein and Lorch am Rhein have formed the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Key events such as the Rheingau Musik Festival, the Rheingauer Schlemmerwochen (Rheingau Culinary Weeks), the Rheingau Gourmet and Wein Festival and the Glorious Rheingau Days attract tens of thousands of visitors to the cultural country of the Rheingau every year – you’re very welcome to join them!

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