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Holiday regions in Hessen

Holiday regions in Hessen

Holiday regions

The Frankfurt Rhine-Main region is the first port of call for guests from all over the world. And it isn’t long before you’re in the countryside again – the Taunus, Vogelsberg, Spessart and Odenwald are all just minutes away. Here you can wander along trails left by the Romans, discover Europe’s largest volcano and explore legendary castles and palaces. Northern Hessen, the home of the Brothers Grimm, and the Rhön region are characterised by largely untouched nature. Heaven for hikers and adventurers. Further west, the Westerwald and the Lahn valley attract visitors with historic towns and popular tours for canoeists and cyclists. The Rheingau and Hessische Bergstraße are some of Germany’s most beautiful wine-growing regions with stunning and unique landscapes.

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