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Welcome to Hessen!
Come on a tour of discovery.

Welcome to Hessen!

Welcome to Hessen

Wonderful holidays right in the heart of Germany. We invite you to take a closer look at Hessen, which is international and open-minded but also deeply rooted in its heritage and history. Frankfurt is a fast-developing European metropolis, but just one hour away lies untouched wilderness for example in the Odenwald, Taunus or Vogelsberg. From Kassel to Darmstadt and from Fulda to Wiesbaden, the cities of Hessen are unique in their cultural offerings and architecture. Spend some time on a vacation or a weekend excursion - and you'll quickly come to appreciate the diversity of Hessen.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Hessen!

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Hiking in Hessen

Discover the various hiking tours in Hessen!

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Frankfurt Rhine Main

Experience one of Germany's most varied regions.

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