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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Hessen

Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

Wilhelmshöhe Palace and Park

Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel has been one of Germany's UNESCO World Heritage Sites since June 2013. It is Europe's largest park of this kind and is famous for its landscape architecture and its water displays, which are unique in the world. Together with the magnificent palace, the Hercules statue and a 250-metre-long cascade, the entire park area is a unique cultural monument. 


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Situated on a hillside, the Bergpark was formed at the start of the 18th Century and served as a summer residence for the landgraves and electoral princes of Hessen-Kassel. Today it is one of Kassel's key landmarks and main sights, with large numbers of visitors coming to the city of documenta every year.  The water displays are a particular attraction and an extraordinary natural spectacle. During them, over 750,000 litres of water flows through the many channels, down stone steps and over rock formations, falling a height of some 80 metres before climbing again in a fountain over the palace lake. The water displays are held every year from 1st May to 3rd October, from 2:30 pm every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Entrance is free. 

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