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With over 300 museums to choose from, Hessen’s museum environment is one of the most attractive in all of Germany. The huge choice and variety are impressive. Museums are valuable locations for preserving history, but also invite visitors to look at, meet and experience it first hand. Hessen’s museums are just waiting for you to discover them. Find out more here and at:

The House of the Brothers Grimm and Museum Steinau

Brüder Grimm Haus und Museum Steinau

Their father, who worked as a district magistrate, lived in the house attached to this role with his family from 1791 to 1796. Visitors here can get up close and personal with the lives of the famous fairy […]

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German leather museum

Deutsches Ledermuseum

And that is what makes the German Leather Museum in Offenbach am Main, together with the associated German Shoe Museum, so unique in terms of what it offers the visitor to look at. Just to show how broad […]

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Open-air museum Hessennpark

Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark

Nestled in the woods and valleys of the Taunus, the 60 hectares of open space make an ideal excursion for all the family. A farm estate, a day labourer’s house, a tavern and much more: Freilichtmuseum […]

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Goethe-Haus und Goethe-Museum

Goethe-Haus and Goethe-Museum

According to a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,  “Every day, one should at least listen to a short song, read a good poem, view a splendid painting and, if possible, speak a few intelligent […]

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Heimat- und Fossilienmuseum Messel

Heimat-und Fossilienmuseum Messel

The Heimat- und Naturkundemuseum (town museum) in Messel exhibits archaeological finds from Messel Fossil Pit. Messel Fossil Pit is a large fossil deposit with volcanic origins. But this is not just any […]

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World of the Celts at the Glauberg

Keltenwelt am Glauberg

The discovery of three richly-filled warriors’ graves at the foot of the Glauberg, a ridge that is visible for miles around and one of the last foothills of the Vogelsberg, opened up new insights into […]

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During the summer of 1772, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who was then doing a traineeship at the Imperial Chamber Court in Wetzlar, met and fell in love with Charlotte Buff, the wife of his friend Christian […]

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